Checklists help us to stay on track with our tasks and ensure that we achieve all our goals within the specified time. These to-do lists necessarily do not have to be online, you can write them down anywhere. However, if keeping them online makes your efficiency rate go up, then these are wonderful tools to maximize daily levels of productivity. Although options for creating manual checklists are still present, creating online checklists feels like we have already achieved our task. Whether you use an app or a website online, it’s no fun if your internet is slow and takes ages to load a web page!

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Top Websites That Will Help You Create Checklists Online for Free

If you are in the habit of creating regular checklists, then you have probably used some of these to accomplish daily goals and targets.

If you are looking for something different, then this website is perfect for you. Besides providing a checklist service, this website provides countless features as well. Users can attach documents and synchronize their checklists across multiple platforms so that they can be shared without any hassle. An interesting feature of this site is the wide-ranging template library, which is broken down into multiple categories. This way the user can easily select a template of their choice and apply it to the checklist. The best part is they never have to start everything from the beginning.

Even though this website offers free service but those users who are interested in availing of additional features may have to subscribe to the checklist service for some fee. Premium features come with varying prices, so users can select options as per their liking. These may include extra storage, lists archives, folders, and even better integrations with tags, so this is definitely a service you may not want to miss out!


If you are looking for a simple checklist service where no sign-ups are required, then this is an ideal option for you. However, if you are looking for a space where you can create a permanent checklist for long-term purposes, then Listmoz isn’t for you. It is perfect especially if you need a space to quickly jot down something. The best thing about Listmoz is that it generates a unique code when you visit the site, so you can easily share it wherever and with whoever you like.

While there are no additional features nor any extra uses, this site excels as a simple checklist. Another reason why this is highly recommended by minimalists is that the final checklist can be printed or emailed wherever you need it. Unfortunately, the lack of features does not refrain the site from being popular among those who are looking for a distraction-free space to jot down their objectives for the day.


If you need something that functions more than a basic checklist, then Workflowy is right for you! This is not just a basic checklist, it’s a document where you can organize your task lists, using bullet points. In this, different checklists and documents are organized in a single document. Since each bullet point is a checklist, all the user has to do is click on a bullet point, which leads them further to the list. Workflowy ensures that all your checklist are neatly stored and there are no mix-ups or confusions at the user-end.

However, if users are interested in accessing the premium features, then they will have to pay a certain fee. Premium options in Workflowy normally include more bullet points, unlimited uploads, and more sharing options for starters.


This is one of a kind checklist service. Not only is this service suitable for any occasion, but its clean and user-friendly interface also makes it a total winner among others! The user can simply add whatever they like, to this checklist.

All options that are entered can be rearranged and details such as sub-headings with complete descriptions can also be added. Users can sign-up and start with a free account. They also have the option to share these checklists with loved ones. These checklists don’t require non-users to signup; in fact, all they have to do is click on a link and they will be redirected towards the list.

The Bottom Line…

One important thing to note is that if your checklist service takes more time to load, check your ISP. While most of these websites come with a minimal interface, if you are facing any slow page load issues, check if your data cap has been turned on or not. If your internet connection has in general been giving you a hard time, visit buytvinternetphone, where you will be redirected to a myriad of internet options that will suit your choice.

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