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Tips On How To Detect Hidden Video Cameras

Terry I was just reading by way of and I am no expert like a few of the others right here nevertheless it looks like your radio requires 1.5 volt batteries and you are attempting to switch them with the 1.2 volt NiMH. BatteryStuff Tech Yes, however I would just remember to replace the battery with a similar mAh score or larger so the cellphone last as lengthy, or longer. For Questions and Tech Support, please submit your question with our Support Page. We’ve created a new place where questions are at the heart of learning.

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Flash guns require high voltages to re-charge the flash. I don’t see how your flash unit would even work with batteries too short to suit. I even have measured them after 4 years of operation and they have 92% of the original capability. I guess they’ve a higher resistance, however it doesn’t matter for my use. Recycle your Ni-MH batteries with Metal Conversion Technologies, the business chief in Battery Recycling. Every time you transfer enegy from one famort to another, you lose a part of the power.

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