In roughly the identical size as an AA cell, you get six times the voltage, so you also get about six times less within the Ah ranking, or about 500 mAh. Given the excessive losses incurred from discharging in anything underneath a few hours, 9V batteries are impractical for most motors and subsequently for most robots. Some of the tiniest power small gadgets like listening to aids.

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Options to store extra Exif tags (“Store compass direction”, “Artist”, “Copyright”) are only supported for JPEG format. Show What’s New dialog – When updating to a significant new version, Open Camera displays a dialog explaining the brand new options and other options. You can disable this dialog from being displayed should you prefer. Show zoom -/+ controls – Whether to display -/+ buttons to control zoom. Show auto-level icon – Whether to show an on-screen icon for enabling or disabling auto-level. See Settings/”Face detection” above for more details.

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