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Nimh Battery Common Questions Answered

Unfortunately, I can not find a with soldered wires or connections so, my question is, can I solder a wire to each finish of the protected battery? My suspicion is that it is as much as three hours with a completely charged high mah 18650. You should buy the replacement battery from the e-bike firm or at least buy a pack they approve. While it may not be ideal from a battery life perspective, if that’s what the gadget requires to function, that’s what it requires to function.

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All batteries may be charged with a good charger, UNLESS the battery is junk. I have an XTAR and have persistently charged 18650s from numerous suppliers. Like August said, weight is an issue too, however not as much for land autos as drones. Milliamps is the biggest issue, the more mah, the heavier, but the longer run time. A good analogy I once heard, the voltage is like how powerful your car engine is, and mah is the fuel and dimension of your gasoline tank, the bigger the tank, the longer you’ll be able to drive, but the heavier your automobile is.

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