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Finest Batteries On Your Speedlights

Given a device that is rated as 12V 80mA what would be the anticipated battery life for a battery rated at 2500mAh. I actually have learn and re-read your article multiple times but sadly my brain just does not understand something involving numbers and calculations of any sort. It’s more the ah or amp thingy i do not get – as in do i would like kind of, i can’t determine it out. My question is, if the ability adapter requires 6v 1.2w 400ma, do I need four batteries that require the precise same numbers? (I have four Sanyo enoloop each being 1.2v and 1900maH. They worked as soon as – after a whole charge. (could be the Tandy though – due to it’s age). Separately, you must also not join the AC adapter straight to your battery and count on it to behave as a charger.

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