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Cat S22 Flip Smartphone Evaluation

It’s like asking how many days till you have to refuel your automobile that has a 12-gallon gasoline tank without saying something about how much you drive per day. I’m building a tricycle with a front hub motor and a small audio amplifier on it. I’ve checked the tech specs and it does 300watts rms at 14v and attracts 22a rms I was wanting into using new lifepo4 batteries however idk how big of a battery I want. I want to find a way to play the music for about 6hr like I do now. I want to reduce weight but hold a giant reserve for pedal assist but all these lifepo4 specs and discharging things are complicated me. I’m new robotic stuff, apparently I even have to construct a line following robotic with Obstacle avoidance.

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Question – Can we use the EBL charger with any of the Ni Mh batteries? Or do we have to use that charger that got here with that brand? I at present have the white Enelope and a few Energizer rechargables. Wondering if these plus the Duracell’s you advocate can use the EBL charger. The EBL Charger pictured under is a superb instance of a very good charger that incorporates 5 totally different levels of protection in your batteries.

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