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Best Batteries In Your Speedlights

Does anybody know if this is because of the low discharge aspect of the Black Eneloops, or presumably model related? I’m about to buy a lot more; I haven’t seen any exams on this evaluating low discharge to straightforward recharge after a couple of hundred recharge cycles. This is why the Eneloop batteries that simply came out are a unbelievable buy.

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They maintain a charge extremely nicely on the shelf and when in a device but not getting used. They hold plenty of power for cameras, radios, telephones, recorders. And they do not have the “memory” issues that plague ni-cads, the ridiculous discharge flaws of rechargeable alkalines, or the awful shelf lifetime of standard ni-mh’s. Eneloop + a excessive quality charger such as the MAHA MH-C808M is the means in which to go. The Rayovac Hybrid ni-mh is also a reduce above, but not nearly as good as the Eneloop.

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