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Move it down a bit by selecting the rightmost connector and pressing G, Z, -.09 and Enter. Next, rename the newly created bone to Foot.L utilizing the Bone Properties tab. To try this, select the UpperLeg.L bone, right-click and choose Subdivide to separate the leg in two (ouch!). This results in two leg bones with a connector in the middle that will act a knee.

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Students explore the interfaces, controls and basic techniques of multiple software programs within the creation of animated projects. Tracking plays a key role in creating subtle visual results and movement graphics. Fusion makes monitoring easy with superior 3D digital camera tracking, powerful planar monitoring and rock solid 2D monitoring. The 2D tracker is great for following most objects that transfer throughout a scene. Planar monitoring enables you to track picture planes, or flat objects, in a scene. The 3D camera tracker is extraordinarily highly effective as a end result of it analyzes the movement of the digicam that shot the unique scene and recreates it in 3D house.

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