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The Amiga made 3D raytracing graphics obtainable for the lots with Sculpt 3D. Before the Amiga, raytracing was only obtainable for dedicated graphic workstations such as the SGI. The Amiga was well known for its 3D rendering capability, with many titles being added to the combination as the years went by. Some titles have been later ported to Microsoft Windows and proceed to thrive there, such as the rendering software Cinema 4D from Maxon, and LightWave from Newtek, which was originally part of the Video Toaster. The Video Toaster itself has even been ported to the Windows platform. LightWave was used for low-cost computer generated particular results during the early 1990s, with Babylon 5 being a notable example of a TV-series using LightWave. AmigaBASIC, a sophisticated BASIC software program growth setting, complete with an built-in growth setting , was written by Microsoft under contract.

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