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How to Change our Windows 7 Start Orb

How to Change our Windows 7 Start Orb

DOWNLOAD Windows 7 Start Orb Changer from HERE
Windows 7 Start Orb Changer allows you to change your start orb/button with just one click in Windows 7.
• Allows you to change the orb in four different ways:
o Context Menu
o Drag & Drop
o Change Button
o Command Line (Syntax only contains orb location)
• Works with all DPIs (If the orb is too big or too small it will automatically resize it)
• Works with both x86/32-bit and x64/64-bit
• Works with both PNG and BMP file formats
• Can integrate with desktop context menu
• Can integrate with PNG and BMP file formats’ context menu
• Allows you to change the orb in two different methods:
o Memory Patching – Edits the start orb in memory which doesn’t cause any UAC prompts
o Resource Editing – Edits the start orb by replacing resources of %windir%\explorer.exe
• Easy-To-Use & clean interface
• Two modes for normal and advanced users
• First & ultimate Windows 7 start orb changer available on the net
How to use:
1. Run the tool as administrator.

2. Click Change.

3. Select the start orb and click Open.

4. The Windows Explorer will now restart automatically and you will be able to see the new start orb/button which you chose. Click OK.

To restore the original start orb click Restore.
You can expand the advanced settings by clicking the arrow at the bottom right corner of the window:

Checking the Add Shortcut In Context Menu option will add an Start Orb option in the desktop context menu so that you can access the tool with one click:

Checking the Add Option In Context Menu option will add an Set As Start Orb option in the context menu of all PNG and BMP files so that you can change your start orb with one click:

This tool has been tested with Windows 7 Ultimate English RTM SP0 (No Windows Updates) x86/32-bit and x64/64-bit on several computers and works perfect. If you are using SP1 or any Windows updates, check the Replace By Editing Resources option and try.

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