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Unlocking Microsoft Dreamscene for Windows 7 users

DreamScene Activator for Windows 7 |Size – 0.6MB

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Microsoft intended DreamScene as a privilege available only to the Windows Ultimate users. However thanks to this little tool you can now unlock DreamScene for any Windows 7 version. Enjoy!

Time saving instructions

1. Download DreamScene Activator from the Link down below.
2. Run the Tool as Admin.
3. The App will inform you that DreamScene is currently OFF
4. Switch it to ON and reboot.
5. Congrats! Now you can set any .MPEG or .WMV. as a DreamScene.
6. To do so right click a video file and choose “Select as DreamScene”
7. You may also want to check our fresh and growing collection of HD DreamScenes here

DreamScene Activator Download

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