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Transformers Windows 7 Theme

Transformers windows 7 theme

Transformers Top windows 7 theme | Requirement – Windows 7


Transformers windows 7 theme is a true masterpiece made by razorsedge. This is my favorite movie of all the transformers series. Lot’s of action and this time every move was clear and in slow motion so that you can see what exactly is happening. In the first transformers I couldn’t understand who is hitting who. This Transformers 3 theme for windows 7 is fully customizable which means you can apply new icons, new and very cool sounds, new frames, starting orb and many more skins and wallpapers. This is the red version of transformers windows 7 theme but there is and blue one. I will be uploading it soon so stay tuned for more transformers action

Transformers Windows 7 Theme includes:

– 2 Themes one for topshell and one for bottom shell
– Custom Transformers windows 7 theme soundpack
– Transformers windows 7 theme Fonts
– Imageres.dll icons
– Custom Transformers windows 7 theme cursors
– Explorerframe.dll images
– Start Orb
– Backgrounds
– Shell32.dll Images

Transformers Windows 7 Theme Download

Transformers Windows 7 Theme


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