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Top 7 Absolute Best Screensavers

Top 7 Absolute Best Screensavers from the Web


Do you remember those things? We used them to prevent damage on the CRT screens from static images. Funny times right? And despite what you think Screensavers are still used. A good looking screensaver doesn’t differ much from a good painting, and we should also mention that they can be quite relaxing. Therefore we’ve been roaming the internet, looking for the best Screensavers out there. So without further ado let the count down begin!

7. Orbital Sunset 3d Screensaver

Everybody loves space right? And how could you not love this gorgeous sunset and spectacular view of the Earth? In case you drift  in the outer space for too long you have a trusty satellite to show you the current time.

Orbital Sunset Screenshot 01

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 6. Ice Clock 3D Screensaver

The Ice Clock Screensaver is a perfect for the chilly winter time. Beautiful realistic graphics with smooth animation and a couple of Koi fishes swimming around. Enchanting winter tail!Ice Clock Screenshot 01

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 5. The Lost Watch II 3D Screensaver

With this Screensaver the only thing reminding you that time hasn’t stop will be this beautiful pocket watch. Great relaxing tunes and crustal clear water splashing on your screen. The perfect Screensaver for your break!

The Lost Watch II Screenshot 01

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 4. Electric Sheep Screensaver

You are now part of a cyborg mind composing of thousand computers communicating with genetic algorithm. Otherwise said – a vivid Hi-Tech screensaver with a lot of dynamics and abstract transitions. electric sheep screen saver

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3. Wikipedia Screensaver

Now this is the only Screensaver in the world that can teach you something, in fact it can teach you many things. The Wikipedia screensaver displays a random Wiki article on a given interval. Never miss a good opportunity to learn something new!


To Wikipedia Screensaver Download Page

2. Fantastic Flame Screensaver

What’s that smell? Oh, its your desktop! The Fantastic Flame Screensaver adds cool burning effects to your current desktop. You can also adjust the fire intensity, size and direction. Now that’s hot!
fantastic flame screensaver

To Wikipedia Screensaver Download Page

1. Dream Aquarium Screensaver

In terms of visual perfection, relaxation and decoration the Dream Aquarium is our absolute winner. You don’t need to be aquarium enthusiast to get excited about this one. You have 2 fish tanks you can choose from, and you can also adjust the air bubble position and speed, as well as the speed of the fishes. There are platy of fishes you can chose and you even have a tracking camera! You must try it out!

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