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Star Trek Windows 7 Theme

Star Trek best windows 7 themes

Star Trek Theme for Windows 7 | Requirement – Windows 7

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Star Trek Windows 7 Theme

This Star Trek theme is giving so much depth of your desktop and is truly for the fans of the movie. It has magnificent sounds which are not annoying like the most sounds of custome made themes and the cursor is animated and amazingly good. The theme offers much more and I promise you that you will not be disappointed at all. Download and ENJOY.
Star Trek Theme Includes:

– Star Trek Theme
– Start Orb
– Shell32.dll Images
– Explorerframe Images
– Fonts
– Custom Star Trek Sound Pack
– Recolored Fire Dragon Cursors
– Imageres.dll Star Trek system icons
– Alternate wallpaper
– Alternate start orb
– Shellbrd.dll system properties image
– system.cpl genuine image
– timedate.cpl clock images
– objectdock skin and custom icons

Theme is setup to be used with theme resource changer that can be found here: Theme Resource Changer
Tutorial on how to use theme resource changer can be found here: How to use Theme Resource Changer

Star Trek Top Windows 7 Themes Download

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  • I would love to get the Star Trek Windows 7 Theme, but I use Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit edition. I would not even want to try a bunch of 32bit dll files and slow it down. Is there a 64bit version I could use?

    Yuukyuu (InuYasha Meiji) Feb 17, 2012 , 7:02 am
  • Would like to get this theme working, but I have 64-bit Win7 Professional and the Theme Resource Changer doesn’t work for me. Only thing that I got from this are the sounds, wallpapers and icons for My Computer, Network, and Recycle Bin. The explorer buttons and frames are all dark gray in Classic theme style since the Theme Resource Changer didn’t load those from the theme.

    Seems I’ll have to get this theme together in some harder way :(

    • Yay! Got the theme working :)
      Except of Resource Changer one needs also UxStyle Core. Didn’t know that. A simple installation manual shouldn’t be hard to make and would remove a lot of troubles from those unexperienced with custom themes:
      1) Unzip theme into C:\Windows\Resources\themes
      2) Install Resource Changer
      3) Install UxStyle Core
      4) Restart your PC
      5) Change the theme in Personalization

  • Everything works great except the some Asian character in start menu shown as “___”. Is it possible to fix it?

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