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Skyrim Windows 7 Theme

Skyrim Windows 7 Theme

Skyrim windows 7 theme | Requirement – Windows 7


One of the most famous games in 2011 was The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This amazing game earned its reputation with the vast world it has stuffed with varied tasks to perform, the dragon battles are a blast, it has lovely art design capped by some beautiful, atmospheric touches, it offers also enjoyable battles that you can approach in a variety of ways. Skyrim has lots of compelling, self-contained stories to experience in addition to the main one.
If you need a great custom Skyrim Windows 7 theme with the Skyrim soundtrack and a unique Start orb you have came at the right place? Download this free theme!
We included some of the best Skyrim wallpaper in this Windows 7 theme, but we also included the main soundtrack and a unique Start orb. Here’s the orb of the theme with a cool hover effect:

Skyrim Desktop Wallpapers

skyrim wallpaper
skyrim wallpaper 2
skyrim theme wallpaper
skyrim theme wallpaper 5
skyrim theme wallpaper 6

Skyrim Windows 7 Theme includes:

– “themepack” file (double click to apply the theme)
– 7 high quality wallpapers
– skyrim sounds which will always appear when you log off / log on.

Skyrim Top Windows 7 Theme Free Download

Skyrim Windows 7 Theme

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