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Microsoft Window 7 Themes Free Download

Window 7 Themes Free Download

Microsoft Window 7 Themes Free Download | Requirement – Windows 7

window 7 themes download
When we are talking about window 7 themes we cant ignore Microsoft Windows. They have huge variety of window 7 themes free download. You can chose from different categories of themes like animals, art, games, nature, movies and many more. The windows 7 themes Microsoft offers are not full of custom gadgets but some of them are worth trying. So, check from time to time their latest window 7 themes and you can find something interesting to download.

To get a theme from Microsoft Windows, click Download, and then click Open. This will apply the theme to your desktop and save it on your PC. Yes, it is that easy and simple. You can spice the themes up by downloading some cool extras to personalize your PC

I have been using their gadgets to make some of my themes more interesting and unique. The wallpapers are not bad too and they are with good quality suitable for most of the monitors.

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