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Lady Gaga Windows 7 Theme

Lady Gaga Windows 7 Theme

Lady Gaga Windows 7 Theme | Requirement – Windows 7

This Lady Gaga Windows 7 Theme was constructed on 1366×768 resolution, but it should be easy to modify it for any pc. Recommended for Windows 7 users, but formattable for Vista. Extracted to an rmskin file, within the zip.
I have included the font that this theme uses, although it is not necessary to install it (unless you feel like messing with the code). Open directory.ini in Notepad or right click on the skin and select “edit skin” to modify it according to the instructions, and afterward the theme should be completely functional.
For this Lady Gaga Windows 7 Theme I also included the background images that were steps along the way to creating the high contrast black & white image that is pictured, in case you wish to modify it at all (personally I love the high contrast glow effect, but there is a normal b&w image included). The first “icon” on the uptime skin will automatically hibernate the computer unless hibernation is disabled, in which case it will cause it to sleep. To disable hibernation in Windows 7, open an elevated command prompt, type powercfg -h off and press Enter, then close the command prompt (to re-enable it, type powercfg -h on). The rest of these items are shutdown, restart, and lock.

The Windows Media Player plugin is not perfect by any means, but I decided to go with it this time instead of Winamp. The album art function looks for a file named “folder.jpg” in the same directory as the song, but in order for it to work you must do this: Open Windows Media Player, right click and select open (or press ctrl-o) and pick your music. It will not recognize multiple album art in the same folder, because it only looks for that “folder.jpg” file.

Please enjoy another tribute to one of the greatest pop legends who ever lived in anticipation of her third studio album!

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