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Introducing xWidget

Welcome to xWidget

XWidget is a free customization platform, that enables you to add a variety of widgets to your desktop. It’s very light, stable and with extremely smooth animations. It’s a lot like Rainmeter, however we should not forget that this is a different platform attracting different designers. Therefore many of the skins found for xWidget don’t exist for Rainmeter and the other way around.

What does xWidget have to offer?

With xWidget you choose from a variety of modules to your desktop. Weather applets, calendars, clocks and on-screen note taking are just a small part of the many skins available for the platform.

Will xWidget slow down my computer?

No, not really. All that xWidget requires is a couple of MB RAM. That’s times less compared to lets say Solitare!

Where can i download xWidget and how does it work?

Xwidget is free and can be downloaded from the platform`s offical website. It’s very easy to use. Simply install it and download a gadget you like. Start it and it will appear on your desktop. From there on you can adjust position, transperancy and other custom functions!

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