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How to use Theme Resource Changer

Theme Resource Changer ” How to use ” tutorial

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When I saw this software I immediately knew that it will save my life :). It is so easy to use and save you so much time. Resource changer actually eliminates having to edit dll or exe files to replace the images in your explorer.exe, explorerframe.dll and your shell32.dll. Here is quick guide how to operate with it:

1. To use the Theme resource changer download and run the Theme Resource Changer.exe x86 or x64 depending on what operating system you are using. Theme resource changer can be found – Here

2. After installation it will automatically restart explorer and you are set you only have to apply this just the one time and it will work for any theme that you setup to use it with.

3. To set your themes to use the Theme Resource Changer all that is needed is to make 3 folders inside your theme folder, with these names


like shown in the screen shot below:

These folders go inside your theme folder you have in windows\resources\themes\your theme name here

4. Inside each folder you add the picture resources you would like to use for each numbered the same as they are in the explorer.exe, explorerframe.dll and Shell32.dll. These resources must be in png format not bitmap. So example explorer.exe for the start orb and user picture frame, the numbers for these in the explorer.exe are 6801, 6805, 6809, 7013. Add those picture resources to the explorer.exe folder and place it inside your theme folder. You need to have the numbers of the images (or names if you will) as in the dll files, and the files has to be PNG’s with a transparent background (if no transparent background it will show the whole image including the background)
This is a new safe way to get these files edited. It works for explorer.exe, shell32.dll and explorerframe.dll.

as shown below in screen shots:

For the explorer.exe folder you can also add the user frame png like so:

this would be image 7013 in the explorer.exe folder

Also in the Shell32.dll folder you can add images for icons in the shell32.dll as pngs there are many icons in the shell32.dll so I wont go into listing them all here but you may add images as 256×256 pngs for the icons in the shell32.dll just make sure to number them correctly as in the shell32.dll ie. 1 in the shell32.dll in the icons folder would be 1.png image in your shell32.dll folder

5. Then just select your theme in the personalization menu and now your start orb will be changed, your explorerframe buttons and other images in the explorer frame, along with the navigation panel in system properties will now all be changed to the images you have placed in those 3 folders in your theme folder. This applies to any theme all you have to do is apply the theme normally. No more editing dll’s to replace your images.

6. This applies to even the aero theme that is the default on windows 7.

Note that only some themes supports this method, some others don’t in which case you would have to make the images yourself or request png versions from the author

DOWNLOAD Theme Resource Changer from HERE

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