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How To Install Windows 7 Themes And Rocketdock

How To Install Windows 7 Themes And Rocketdock plus beautiful theme | Requirement – Windows 7, Size – 32.3MB

how to install windows 7 themes

How To Install Windows 7 Themes And Rocketdock Tutorial and Video

Download rocketdock first of all: Rocketdock Download
I have included everything else in the download files – Windows 7 Start Button Changer v 2.6, Universal Theme Patcher, all the Rocketdock files you need for my theme, some cool wallpapers and the theme I am using for this tutorial.
After you have installed Rocketdock, drag the files from my tutorial and drop them in the rocketdock folder
“C:\Program Files (x86)\RocketDock”

* Go to “Windows 7 Theme” folder then open “UniversalThemePatcher_20090409” and run the program as admin!
After you have patched the 3 files, your computer needs a restart! Before patching your files make a back up!!!

* Now installing the theme…
Open the folder “Placebo by SolMiler”
Drop the files into this location “C:\Windows\Resources\Themes”
After that is done.. Right click on the desktop and pick “Personalize” then click on “placebo – Angst”
If it doesnt work immediately you can try to restart your computuer again.

* If you want to change the start button…
Go to the folder and open “Change windows 7 start button” and run the program as admin.
Click on the windows 7 button to change to any other button you like!

* If you want to add folders to your rocketdock bar..
Create a new folder anywhere on your computer (MAKE SURE NOT TO DELETE IT)
Then right click on the rocketdock bar and choose “Add item” then pick “Stack docklet”
Now right click on the “Stack docklet” and navigate to your folder that you are going to put
your programs in and change mode to “Grid”. You can also change the icons (if you want to do that, make
sure that you have copied all my files into your rocketdock folder to able to use all my icons)
And if you want those blue lines you just right-click on the rocketdock bar and click “add item”
and choose “Seperator”

Thanks for watching :-)
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  • really good information.. finally, i found the new way to make my windows looking good.. before this just using the basic of windows 7 themes. it hard to find the themes with licence or cracked. thnks man.

  • A few days back, I was trying to install some theme in windows 7 but i failed due to some technical problem. However, I will try this again and hope, It will help.

    Web Designer Rohini Apr 08, 2013 , 10:10 am

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