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How To Install Third Party Themes In Windows 7

How To Install Third Party Themes In Windows 7

If you want to install themes that have the file extension .themepack, you can install the theme with a simple double-click. If it’s not, then proceed with the next steps.

As you maybe allready know Windows 7 doesn’t allow you install or apply third-party themes by default. You need to patch Windows files (system files) to install third-party themes in Windows 7.
There are several ways doing this and several different programmes which you can use but I personally recomend you the easiest way – using UxStyle Core.

To Install Third Party Themes In Windows 7 Follow The Steps:

1. Download UxStyle Core from HERE

2. Start the program, accept the agreement and click the install button.After that just complete the installation. Remember to Install UxStyle_Core_Jul13_x86.msi for 32 bit and UxStyle_Core_Jul13_x64.msi for 64 bit version of Windows.

3. Now restart your computer.

4. Download your favorite Windows 7 theme and then move all the files to (C:\Windows\Resources\Themes, where “C” is your Windows 7 drive) folder.

5. Double-click on the Windows Theme File to apply the theme.

6. Enjoy with the new Windows 7 theme.

Some users may face the error message saying “Windows could not start the Unsigned Themes service on local computer”. Here is screenshot of the error you may receive:

To fix this error, you will have to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008. Download and install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package HERE

This should fix all the issues. Now you can download The best windows 7 themes and install them without any problems.


  • ummm….. i got a windows classic look what do i do. hlp plzz.
    email me at

    • I could not understand what exactly is the problem. If you don’t like the look of your theme return your previous theme. I hope you have made back up to your original files? Which theme has classic look, tell me more pls

      Rumen Simeonov Feb 12, 2012 , 10:04 pm
  • Hi, can I quote some of the content found in this entry if I provide a link back to your site?

  • doesn’t simply work for me i have already installed UxStyle Core but its not giving in

    • Try using Universal Theme Patcher. I am sure you will be able to apply themes with it. It is very easy, you have to install and patch 3 files by only pressing the patch buttons of the universal theme patcher program and you will be able to install all the windows 7 themes

  • Again I want to inform you that most of the effects are Rainmeter skin, so in order to make it work and transform your desktop like mine you have to install Rainmeter and add the files in it

  • I had a problem when installing UxStyle the following error occurred when I opened the installer: You theme subsystem (eguxtheme.dll, themeui.dll) has been Tampered requires whith.UxStyle These files Can be restored before you continue. Check the forums if you need help

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