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How To Create Windows 7 Themes

Many of you have asked me How To Create Windows 7 Themes and I decided to share with you my knowledge. First of all you should know that Microsoft made creating and sharing windows 7 themes very easy because of the new format”.themepack” which is a ZIP format that includes all the cursors, wallpapers, sounds, colors and everything else. Note that this tutorial is about creating “.themepack” themes and not custom windows 7 themes which are a lot harder to make. If you are interested in making your own custom themes I will consider making another tutorial about it.

How To Create Windows 7 Themes Tutorial

Lets begin now.
The first thing you have to do to create windows 7 theme is to open your “Personalize” in the Control Panel or just right-click on your desktop and chose “Personalize”. Here is the place where you can create windows 7 themes.
how to create windows 7 themes

You can see from the picture that you can change your background, sounds,screensaver,desktop icons, pointers and colors from here.

1. Lets begin with the wallpaper.

To change the wallpaper click the “Desktop Background” link on your Personalization Control Panel. Browse to where your dezired wallpapers are and select them. Once you have confirmed the folder where your wallpapers are, you can define a picture position. I usually select “Stretch” from the dropdown field (highlighted), because it will stretch smaller wallpapers to fit my entire screen (a widescreen 21″) Click save changes and you are done with changing the wallpaper of your new windows 7 theme.
change windows 7 background

2. The second step will be to change Windows 7 color scheme.
change windows 7 color scheme

You can pick from here whatever colors you like and adjust the transparency. You can even click on “Show color mixer” if you want to create new colors. We are all done here.
3. Third step will be changing Windows 7 sounds.
Click the “sounds” link.
changing windows 7 sounds

From here you can change any sound with the one you want. You can even download custom sounds which have to be in “WAV” format.

Where can I download WAV sound files for my Windows 7 theme?
I personaly am using this site – They have lots of cool WAV’s but you can use other sites too.

4. Next step will be changing Windows 7 icons. Click on “Change desktop icons”
Where can I download icons for my Windows 7 theme?
One of my favorite sites for icons and wallpapers and many other things is You can download and use their icons for personal use only. Other good site for icons is Select the “Computer” icon and click on “Browse” and locate your new .ico files.
changing windows 7 icons

Do this step for all the icons you want to change.

5. Lets change Windows 7 cursor now.
There are two kind of file formats for the windows 7 cursors – “.cur” and “.ani” where .cur files are static cursors and .ani files are for the animated windows 7 cursors.
Where can I download cursors for my Windows 7 theme?
I am using mostly – but you are free to chose your source. If your cursors are custom scheme like our Obsidian cursors for example – just unzip, right click on obsidian.inf and install it. After that go to your Control Panel and change the normal windows 7 cursor with the one you want.
changing windows 7 cursors-pointers

If you want to change only some of the cursors you can do this manually by clicking the “customize” drop-down menu and change the default cursor with the one you like more.

6. Now lets Save our Windows 7 theme.
Go to the “Personalize” Control Panel again, find your theme under “my themes” right click on it and save it. After you do that click on it again and chose “Save theme for sharing” option. In this way Windows 7 will create a package of all our files (cursors, sounds, icons, wallpaper, colors) and create your first Windows 7 theme. It will save this theme as a “.themepack”. Now you can send this .themepack file to all of your friends and they can install by double-clicking on the file! Note: This won’t work on Vista. If you try to install .themepack files, you first have to extract all file and then install them manually.

That’s not all folks. There are more good news from top windows 7 themes. If you create your own windows 7 theme we will give you the opportunity to display it in front of all of fans. Yes, you heard us right. Make your windows 7 theme, send us the files to and we will post it on our first page giving you full credit for it. Now go create some awesome themes for windows 7. If you like my “How To Create Windows 7 Themes Tutorial” share it with your friends.

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