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How To Change Profile Picture On Facebook And Be Creative

Change your profile picture on Facebook with a funny image

If you haven’t selected a picture for your Facebook profile the system creates a boring blue and white silhouette “no image” for you and all the Facebook members with no personal selected profile picture. Do you want to be the one from the pack or you want to be unique and different? I have selected some of the best and most interesting alternatives to the boring image plus I have created lots of new funny Facebook profile pictures that you can use. I have included some famous games and movies characters such as Lara Croft, Terminator, Gandalf, Gollum, George Washington, Max Payne, Frankenstein, Marlyn Monroe, Mario, Spiderman and many more. There are 133 different images and some of them are hilarious. Be creative, change your profile picture on Facebook.

Here is a little preview of the Facebook profile pictures alternatives:

facebook profile pics

I love to customize everything and that is why I decided to customize my Facebook profile too and change my profile picture with something more interesting. I guess you all know how to change your profile picture on Facebook but in case some of you don’t, just go with your mouse on your profile picture and from the drop down menu select “upload photo” and after that chose some of the 133 images I have prepared for you.

Download Facebook profile picture alternatives

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