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Dark Simplicity Windows 7 Theme

Dark Simplicity Windows 7 Theme

Dark Simplicity Theme for Windows 7 | Requirement – Windows 7


This theme was constructed on 1366×768
resolution, but it should be easy to modify it for any pc. Recommended for Windows 7 users, but formattable
for Vista. Extracted to an .rmskin file, within the .zip.

This theme will not work without having the included font installed, Bleeding Cowboys Regular. Just place this file in #MainDrive#/Windows/Fonts, and it will automatically install. After that all aspects of the theme will be functional except for the Directory Bar. Open directory.ini in Notepad to modify it according to the instructions, and afterward the theme should be completely functional.

Note: The items in the Directory Bar are as follows: Computer, Windows system folder, User Account, an Applications shortcut folder (leading to C:\Users\#User#\Applications on my pc), Control Panel, Command Prompt (non-elevated), Downloads Folder (C:\Users\#User#\Downloads), Documents Library, Music Library, Pictures Library, Videos Library, and a shortcut to a Games folder (leading to C:\Users\#User#\My Games on my pc).

Also, clicking on the words “Top Process” on the SysTopProcess skin will open up the Windows Task Manager.

Included in the zip file is the special font you will need, the background, and a Super Folder (have fun with that). A few additional icons are also placed in the Directory folder within the Theme.

The first “icon” on the Mii Uptime+Shutdown skin will automatically hibernate the computer unless hibernation is disabled, in which case it will cause it to sleep. To disable hibernation in Windows 7, open an elevated command prompt, type powercfg -h off and press Enter, then close the command prompt (to re-enable it, type powercfg -h on). The rest of these items are shutdown, restart, and lock.

The Favorites skin is preset to a bunch of social networking sites, but these are easily changeable. Just open the favorites.ini file in Notepad and follow the instructions to bookmark whatever you want, including applications.

The Favorites skin and Directory skin are only draggable by the decorative gothic boxes next to them.

Granted, this may not be a very simple theme, but dark simplicity is not necessarily what we would think of as “simple” in our right mind. It is simple in the sense that it is easily customizable, although admittedly it could be much more so.
by AlekAldinger
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