custom windows 7 themes

Hello and welcome to the colourful world of windows 7 customization! We work hard to bring life to your desktop with some of the best custom windows 7 themes on the web. Enjoy!

Do you like to be unique? If your answer is Yes check out our visual styles and find your favorite custom windows 7 themes

Top windows 7 themes is committed to bringing you the best of the best. We scour the web to bring you windows 7 custom themes, wallpapers, gadgets, and Icons for your Windows 7 Desktop. Better yet is that all of them are FREE! Topwindows7themes gives you clean and safe files, whereas a lot of other sites are offering the visual styles typically bundled with spyware or adware. Most of our windows 7 desktop themes have screenshots and videos on their main page, and you can click on them for a full-size view. Our site has a huge collection of windows 7 aero themes, windows 7 black themes, 3d windows 7 themes, windows 7 glass themes and much more.

We are working hard now on making our collection even bigger with windows xp themes, window 7 themes for xp and windows vista themes. Soon we will include windows 8 themes too. If you stay longer on our site you will see that most of our visual styles are unique. By unique I mean that they will change your whole desktop and not only your wallpaper. Our cool windows 7 themes include custom sounds, icons, gadgets and much more. We have the best custom windows 7 themes and wallpapers that u cannot find anywhere else.

If you are fan of windows customization and like our site you can subscribe with facebook or to our RSS feed. You can even download our custom Toolbar and you will be the first to reach our latest windows 7 themes and news and interact with us and other members of the site.

I suggest you see our alien themes. They became our top rated and most downloaded themes for the past 2011. We have lots of custom windows 7 alien themes such as Alienware Red, Alienware Blue, Alienware Dark and many other. I guess people are more into the alien stuff nowadays but I cannot deny that our windows alien themes are very professional made.

Here is where we showcase all the best themes for Windows 7, xp, and vista. We search the whole web and design our own themes so that we can bring you only high quality and unique desktop themes. So if you’re looking for ways to customize your windows 7 then search our huge collection and pick your favorite style. You will find the installation details along with other information on the site. I am sure that you will love them all. You want high quality wallpapers? Feel free to chose from a huge high quality collection of wallpapers. We offer lots of different resolutions to match your personal settings.

To be honest we are windows customization freaks and maniacs of changing the design of windows 7. We think that there is nothing more refreshing than spicing your desktop and giving it life. Before making this website I was looking for custom windows 7 themes that I can free download and believe me I know that this can be a very difficult exercise. There are many sites offering themes but most of the content requires payment, if not, the files are in some strange format that includes spyware or adware. After all it would take me a whole day just to find maybe one working theme and if you are not aware of how a theme must look like I can assure you that you can be very sorry.

Take a close look in our themes extensions to see how a theme must look like. It can be a theme that has the file extension .themepack or a complex shell theme that actually changes the appearance of your operating system and has the file extension .theme and usually comes with a whole folder of files. Another good advice I can give you is to check every file you download for viruses. If you download something from our website you can be absolutely sure it will be clean because our job is to check it and approve it. And the best advice we can give you is ALWAYS to make a backup of your original files because better be safe than sorry. Now enjoy our beautiful windows 7 ultimate themes.

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