• Hi could you tell me, what dock to us instead of Rocketdock.
    I am running win7 x64. rocketdock does not support 64bit.
    I downloaded your how to pack and I stopped at the dock as I did not want to get messed up by loading the wrong dock.
    I downloaded stardock , I was tolled by by someone that it supported 64bit and was good, but its your themes and icons that I want to load to my PC .
    Thanks Davie Mac.

  • how can i install the theme that u made which is the classic theme for wondows.. please help me asap.. thanks man!.. :)

  • How do i download themes? i am trying to download this theme http://topwindows7themes.com/digitize-theme-for-windows-7/

    Do i just have to save the images or is there some sort of download link that i am missing? i am very new to the whole change your windows 7 theme thing

  • I was browsing themes and come across you guys I do like the way the themes are…but I do not see a link to download any of them so I figured maybe you have to sign up to be able to download them,No sign up

  • ok for get that last comment obviously the download link does not show up on my google crome but now my issue is im stuck at 95%

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