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Arius Custom Windows 7 Theme

Arius Custom Windows 7 theme with Arius Rainmeter Skin | Requirements – Windows 7, Size – 34 MB

The Arius Windows 7 Theme impresses with vivid turquoise glows on a gray background.

The Arius Windows 7 Theme impresses with vivid turquoise glows on a stylish gray background.

You have probably noticed that it doesn’t take long until we eventually come back to Sci-Fi themes. But this time we wanted it to be something different and a bit more special. And once we saw the Arius Windows 7 Theme we knew that our search was over. Designed by Blade, one of the best designer around, Arius combines dark theme elements with hi-tech turquoise colors in a unique way. The easy to read large Windows 7 Start Menu and the custom fonts make the theme also quite functional. Without any doubts Arius is one of the best Sci-Fi themes for Windows 7 we ever had the pleasure to present to you. So let’s see what’s in the box!

The Arius Windows 7 theme includes

– Dark gray shell with neon elements

– Custom turquoise start menu

– Custom turquoise&black start orb

– Custom Sci-Fi cursor pack

–  4 HD Sci-Fi Wallpapers

– Custom windows Sci-Fi sound scheme

Extras included: AIMP3 Skin, Arius Dock, Dock Icons, Hard Disk Drive Icons, Logon Screen, Shellbrd Orb & Timedate.cpl

Additional help and extras:

Download the Arius  Custom Windows 7 theme:

Arius Custom Windows 7 Theme
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