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Alienware Titanium Windows 7 Theme 2013

Alienware Titanium Windows 7 Theme 2013 | Requirement – Windows 7, Size – 3.97MB

alienware titanium windows 7 theme 2013

Alienware Titanium Icons

black icons alienware titanium

Alienware Titanium start orb

alienware titanium theme start orbs


alienware titanium theme for windows 7 2013

Check out our new Alienware Titanium Windows 7 Theme 2013. This top windows 7 theme includes:

– Alienware wallpaper
– New explorer frame
– Custom sounds
– Alienware start orb
– Alienware titanium black icons
– New cursors

Free Download Alienware Titanium Windows 7 Theme 2013

Alienware Titanium Windows 7 Theme 2013


  • thanks,this is very nice..

  • the theme looks great but how to download it

  • how to download it

  • This is really cool theme, i like the icon design, but the desktop look a bit crowded, I don’t think if I can change the wallpaper, but it really worthy to try this theme. Thank you for recommendation.

  • this can be downloaded , i have tried this but instead of the alienware theme… it was file that would harm your desktop,,! so, how can i download the real file?

    • Hi, many people have downloaded Alienware Titanium theme and they are using it without any problems. If you want join our Facebook page and I will send you the theme there.

      • hi,,, there i’ve already liked your page but i cant exactly pin point the name of your fb page,,,!!! can you tell me the name of your page exactly 😉

      • ohh,,, i have found it but still it gives this same link to this site…!!!!
        and my problem is that yesterday i have clicked the “download now” button and once i’ve runned it… it gives me the wrong item i need….!!!

  • bonjour ca ne marche pas comment faire help me

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