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Alienware Giveaway from

Hi, Topwindows7themes fans.

Our most wanted and most downloaded themes for 2012 were the alienware themes so we decided to reward you with Alienware Gear gifts. The only thing you must do in order to participate in our Alienware giveaway is to Subscribe with Facebook and post a comment which alienware item you want. You will be able to win one of these rewards:

1. Alienware TactX Keyboard
2. Alienware TactX Headset
3. Alienware TactX Mouse

The best thing is that you can decide what product you want to give you. We will randomly pick three of you and give them these amazing gifts.

Alienware Giveaway Restriction – NONE.

No, age restrictions, no country restrictions, no stupid surveys :) or spammy emails. Everything is FREE and easy – subscribe with Facebook, comment and win, that’s all folks and I hope your name is picked by our staff.

The winners of our Alienware Giveaway will be picked on 10.12.2012

Due to the big interest we decided to make this giveaway monthly, so don’t waste more time but subscribe with Facebook and join the ranks of the winners.

Subscribe with Facebook and Win an Alienware Gear from for free

The winners of the 10.11.2012 giveaway are:

1. Craig Willson – JijiBi***
2. Rodrigo Alvarez – RockyBa***
3. Jason Rice – 9786J***

We’ve censored the last 3 characters of their email to protect them from nasty stuff like phishing. If the address looks like it might be yours, check your inbox & spam folders!

Here is some info about the Alienware Giveaway products we decided to give you:

1. Alienware TactX TM Keyboard

Customize your macro keys with up to 6 different sequences per profile, making it that much easier to school your opponents. The new Alienware® TactX™ Keyboard lets you set up an unlimited amount of user profiles for each game so you’re always prepared for battle.

Equipped to Conquer All

Lead your team to victory with a keyboard that’s packed with gaming essentials.

Stay Ahead of the Game – Annihilate your competition with a barrage of deadly combos. With anti-ghosting technology built around the WASD gaming cluster, you don’t have to worry about signal failure when unleashing a round of commands at once.

Stay in Control – The easy-access multimedia buttons let you manage your music, movies and games right from your keyboard.

Expand Your Territory – The 6-foot, high-speed USB 2.0 cable gives you more flexibility in your gaming setup, letting you simply focus on total domination.

Get Comfortable – The removable palm rest allows you to adjust your keyboard to best suit your gaming needs.

2. Alienware TactX Headset

The Sound of Victory

The new Alienware TactXTM headset is engineered for high-quality audio performance. Built with a custom-engineered soundscape and optimized to single out key in-game sounds, this headset can definitely give you a clear advantage against your opponents.
Fragging Your Enemies Just Got Easier

Avoid being caught by surprise. The Alienware TactX headset is designed for crisp audio clarity, so you can hear your enemy’s every move.

Retractable microphone

Call for backup with a retractable microphone that stows away when not in use.

Lightweight design

Enjoy endless hours of destruction with a headset designed for extreme comfort and countless hours of extended use. Full-sized ear cushions fit gently around the ears for long-term comfort and background noise reduction.
3-piece construction

Take your game virtually anywhere. Dismantle the headset into 3 separate parts for easy stowing and transport.
Braided audio cord

Sharpen your sense of hearing with impressive sound quality and help prevent degradation of high frequencies with a cord that delivers exceptional sound performance and is designed to withstand the most extreme gaming conditions.
Gold-plated connectors

Enhance signal integrity by optimizing signal transfer and resistance against corrosion and wear.

3. Alienware TactX Mouse









Light It Up – Personalize your gaming experience with exclusive AlienFX® customizable lighting. Set the tone for each game you’re playing with over 20 different colors to choose from. Try it.

Speed You Need – Experience pinpoint accuracy, smooth movements and on-the-fly DPI switching with the powerful 5000 DPI Laser Engine.
Gaming on the Go – Jump from game to game with ease with 5 customizable user profiles and 9 customizable buttons. Destroy the competition wherever you go with onboard memory that lets you program and save your settings to take with you to LAN parties.

Keep Moving – Seamlessly navigate your team to safer harbors with both vertical and horizontal scrolling modes. Also, with dual vertical scroll modes, switch between precise, click-to-click scrolling and frictionless hyper-fast scrolling for total domination.

More Range – The 6-foot, high-speed, braided, USB 2.0 cable allows for more setup room for your other peripherals and gaming rig.

Subscribe with Facebook and Win an Alienware Gear from for free

Alienware Giveaway from


  • This is my favorite website and I hope I win Alienware gear.

  • Nice….. Actually the keyboard will be best for me as last week I spilled a glass of water on mine and I am in a need of new one :)

  • Woot,woot I won. I am hoping I will receive my mouse because I am from Sweden.

    Alrik Anderson Feb 12, 2012 , 4:22 pm
    • Yes Alrik you will get your Alienware mouse. Just be patient because it may take a week to come to Sweden. We will be grateful if you write us when you receive it and to tell us if you like it :)

      Rumen Simeonov Feb 12, 2012 , 4:26 pm
  • Dear Mr. Simeonov

    For this awesome opportunity of winning these wonderful gadgets, we thank you and your sponsors. My choice would be the Alienware TactX headset.
    Thanks once again. More Power!

    respectfully yours,

    • I am glad that our Alienware giveaway even with not very expensive items is of a big interest for all of you. Soon we may include laptops too. Thank you Aik and I hope you are one of our winners.

  • Mr. Simeonov:

    I am (or should I say “We are) very thankful for this wonderful opportunity that you have given to us subscribers. I hope that this monthly giveaway will continue for these months to come.

    Among the three Alienware gadget selection, I would have to choose the Alienware TactX Headset. It’s because it has cool features.

    Thank you,
    Christian Camiña (an Alienware fan)

    Christian Camiña Apr 17, 2012 , 7:58 am
  • Thanks for doing this monthly giveaway, gives people many opportunities to win. I would like the TactX mouse if I was to win.

  • I am a newbie, I recently downloaded alienware theme from here. The theme is awesome, splendid!
    I want a alienware mouse for my new Alienware M17x (8 days).
    I have bought the TactXTM Headset this monday. it’s awesome. I just want an Alienware mouse; here you (Mr. Simeonov) have given an opportunity to grab you wonderful gift. Last of all, post more articles so that we can make our laptops beautiful.

    Subrata Pati Apr 26, 2012 , 4:51 pm
  • I’m still a newbie here, but I can see that there a lots of cool theme here, i hope that I can get the Alienware keyboard if I have the chance.



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