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Adobe Photoshop Will No Longer Support Windows XP

Advanced Versions of Photoshop after CS 6 will no longer be Compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Lower Windows OS

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On September 14, 2012 Adobe officially announced that the advanced version of Photoshop will not support Windows XP (versions after CS 6). Till now Photoshop lovers have enjoyed this great photo imaging software on their Windows PCs. But unfortunately, they can’t run Photoshop advanced versions if they don’t have at least Windows 7. The point to remember – the Photoshop CS6 isn’t compatible with Vista already.
According to Tom Hogarty post on Adobe’s official blog “Adobe Photoshop for XP won’t have any further updates since this OS doesn’t have enough hardware liberty; especially for lighting effects, 3D effects and blur gallery.” In fact, they are making Photoshop to always be the best for photo imaging and therefore they want to come with highly advanced versions which need far more advancements that XP can’t offer.
Adobe Photoshop for Windows 7 would have many striking features including high end lighting and blur effects. The Photoshop CS 6 download has already revealed that going along with the latest technologies, and GPUs can only avail the users the best imaging services. And, obviously it isn’t possible with Adobe Photoshop for XP.
From a long time, Adobe Photoshop is the favorite software for the professionals who are working in animation or graphics field. It has changed a lot during the course of the time. We have already seen Photoshop CS 5 demo, Photoshop CS 6 beta download and Photoshop CS 6 download and now it’s the time to see Adobe Photoshop for Windows 7 running on your Windows PCs.
Obviously, it will be an exciting experience to operate the latest Photoshop CS7 on your windows 7 PCs. The tech enthusiast as well as graphics & animation industry is eagerly waiting for it. Since, multimedia as well as graphics has been revolutionized during some recent years the Adobe don’t want to stay behind in competition.
However, this move may disappoint some discreet Photoshop lovers but overall it’s a great move. We should change as per the time. Well, the previous versions of Photoshop are enough efficient but the modern techniques need much more advancement and hardware support. Additionally, Microsoft has decided not to release further updates for XP as well.
Just after the introduction of Photoshop CS 6 demo, we have a seen a rush for Photoshop CS 6 beta download. And the same was true for Photoshop CS 6 download. CS 6 version was quite successful and has taken the animation to the next level. Now, let’s see what Adobe Photoshop for Windows 7 has in it for the users.
Obviously, techies are expecting higher 3D functionality as it’s the latest trend but along with improved 3D features there may be amazing updates on lights, shades and blur effects.
Well, the users running their PCs on XP should upgrade their OS and go for Windows 7 instead if they want to enjoy the latest enhancements in Adobe Photoshop.

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