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AC/DC Custom Windows 7 Theme

“AC/DC” Custom Windows 7 Theme with Rocketdock  | Requirements – Windows 7, Size – 

Are you ready to rock  & roll? The AC/DC Windows 7 Theme has everything needed to tickle your rock soul. Amplifiers, wires, mics, guitars and more. The beautiful high quality graphics and stylish colors will rock your desktop hard, so hold on tight!

The “AC/DC”  Windows 7 Theme includes:

  • Custom High Quality Start Menu
  • Custom Start Orb
  • Music Equipment Styled Buttons
  • Gold & Gray UI
  • AC/DC Windows Sound Scheme
  • AC/DC HD Wallpaper Pack
  • Custom Navigation Buttons
  • Custom Cursor Set

Additional help and extras:

Download the “AC/DC”  Windows 7 Theme:

AC/DC Windows Theme

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