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2013 Alienware M17X Giveaway. Win FREE Alienware Laptop

M17x giveaway is closed – check out our new Alienware M18x giveaway for 2014 – M18x Giveaway

Top Windows 7 Themes Giveaway For 2013 – Alienware M17x Giveaway


We have selected one of the best laptop for 2013 and you can be the happy winner.

If you want to participate in our 2013 Alienware Giveaway and win one of our amazing Alienware M17X Laptops you have to:

Watch our video here Alienware Giveaway and write a comment why do you want to win the M17X Laptop.
That’s all guys

We want to apologize to all our fans for not be able to give our third laptop on 10th of June but unfortunately Facebook unpublished our page for no reason at all giving us no explanation and that is why we couldn’t select the winner. Do not worry guys as you will have another chance to win this awesome laptop. After posting a comment under the video Alienware Giveaway why you should win the laptop we will pick one of you on 10th of July 2013. Our previous winners already enjoy playing the latest games on this amazing Laptop so don’t waste more time but post a comment because you can be next. Wish good luck to all of you.

CONGRATULATIONS Rumi Ivanova. You are our Alienware Laptop winner for 10th of July. Check out our Facebook page for more info and next giveaway.

Here is some specifications for the Alienware m17x:

Basic Specifications

Part Code- M17x
Rating- *****
Processor- Intel Core i7-3610QM
Processor clock speed- 2.3GHz
Memory- 8.00GB
Memory slots- 4
Memory slots free- 2
Maximum memory- 32,768GB
Size- 45x410x304mm
Weight- 4.3kg
Sound- Sound Blaster Recon3Di
Pointing device- touchpad


Viewable size- 17.3 in
Native resolution- 1,920×1,080
Graphics Processor- GeForce GTX 680M
Graphics/video ports- HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA
Graphics Memory- 2,048MB

Total storage capacity- 564GB
Optical drive type- BD-ROM + DVD+/-RW +/-DL

Ports and Expansion
USB ports- 5
Bluetooth- Yes
Wired network ports- 1x 10/100/1000
Wireless net. support- 802.11n
PC Card slots- none
Supported memory cards- SDXC, Memory Stick Pro
Other ports- HDMI input, eSATA


  • Diablo 3 Played through the first two when i was younger an for a long time they use to be the only two games i played all the way through XD

  • I would like to have the DEUS EX
    Because i have never played it before but have heard about it and to me it seems quite interesting………

    Please Chose me………

  • i would like to have diablo3 or batman arkhan city..

  • Want it because me old PC is broken :/ Would be so awesome if i won :))

  • This will help me in my studies because im a comsci major :) and this will let me play games with ease 😀

  • Well, I would like to win this laptop because my familly can’t afoard a good computer/laptop and thats pretty much it…

  • I’d SO love to win such a prize. Alienware’s always been my favorite PC company and I’ve always appreciated their work so much ! Unfortunately, I could never try one of their products due to money issues, but now’s the chance.

    I also got myself a new windows 7 theme, which rocks my screen off thanks to you guys, so keep up the good work ! Congrats !

    Ayame Kiyoshi Feb 27, 2013 , 3:02 pm
  • Because I left you a comment and therefore I deserve to win this awesome laptop.

    Stoenescu Vlad Feb 27, 2013 , 3:02 pm
  • I need a good laptop for my study computer science starting next year

    Tim Merckens Feb 27, 2013 , 3:03 pm
  • For this laptop works very great to play : devil may cry 5 or crysis 3 and the DEAD SPACE 3

  • that’s a nice laptop

  • I wold like it because i allways wanted a alienware laptop.. they are the best at gaming laptops 😛 so.. i am a gamer of course i want one :)

    • an i forgot … it wold help me change my 512 ram 128 video 1.8 gh old pc :( because i can’t afford something else an it wold help me whith my
      college … :(

  • Hmmm… Why should you choise me as a winner…?


  • I love alienware even if I am from Philippines and its hard to look for alienware units here in zamboanga city… I hope I am the lucky winner..

  • Please pick me! cuz im really dying to get an Alienware Laptop or PC, cuz it is my dream to have one of that amazing laptops or PC alienwares!
    so that I can enjoy playing those Amazing and very Beautiful Graphics Games like Diablo3, BF3, and more!
    so please pick me so that I will be the happiest man alive! hehe :)

    Aljaie Mampalawod Feb 27, 2013 , 3:20 pm
  • I’d like to win this amazing laptop setup!Why?Because i don’t have it and it’s awesome!

  • As a long time gamer I think it would be amazing to have one of the top of the line gaming laptops on the market in my grubby little hands to rock some SWTOR on!

  • I am a student here in vienna…I do not have much money to go out or to get something high end side. I do web design, produce music, and been gaming since 1997…Having this laptop will be a great because of everything I do will be processed efficiently and it is more bad ass than a macbook pro.


  • A laptop with that i can play BF3 Premium on Ultra, Crysis 2/3 Extreme. That would be godlike. Thanks for giving us the oppertunity to win this m17x.

  • I always wanted an Alienware…i am a true fun and suggest it to anyone that wants a good pc for gaming…however i can not afford one so i would be gratedul if you chose me.. i am never going to stop subscribing to alienware or advertisig your products.. thank you

    Stelios Kousidis Feb 27, 2013 , 3:40 pm
  • I’d love having that laptop since I have a passion for IT and computers and I wanna become a big game and software developer. My financial status is not that good, I could never afford myself such a laptop and I could really use one for my progress and for going to an IT university! :)

  • I have been looking through the website and I really like the themes. I think you should choose me as I really want to get in to PC gaming but I have a bad computer so I can’t. So please choose me. Sorry I got my email wrong the first time.

    George Edward-Paris Feb 27, 2013 , 4:01 pm
  • Well, I should choose me as the winner of the Alienware M17X laptop mainly because I will put it to good use, playing the best games out there and constantly giving feedback about said games. Other than that, it looks awesome and I need a new laptop. 😀

    Andrei Condrea Feb 27, 2013 , 4:01 pm
  • I hope i win because i deeply want to give a try to an alienware laptop like this one. If i had that luck i’ll spread the alienware culture with people around me and anyone around the world. Thanks for this awesome opportunity!

  • Would love a copy of the great looking Laptop

    Paul Bartell Feb 27, 2013 , 4:31 pm
  • I am a videogame addict, therefore need to have this powerful machine to be able to play the newest game releases. (Not to mention how much I’d brag to my friends and acquaintances for winning the notebook thus, increasing the number of your viewers and subscribers).
    If by any chance, I do not win this giveaway, I’d like to recieve an original copy of ‘Call of Duty Black Ops II’ or ‘Batman: Arkham City GOTY’

  • Since I was a kid i played games of all kind, but now i don’t have a computer with the minimum requirements to play them. Beside that I’m a undergraduate student of Computer Engineering, and I need a laptop to keep up with me in the University.
    So I would appreciate the big capacity that this alienware has to offer, and of course all of this would never be true without TopWindows7Themes.

    Alexandre Caldas Feb 27, 2013 , 4:45 pm
  • I am a poor boy from Poland. Alienware would be one of the nicest things which happened to me in my life.

  • Choose me because this is like a dream for me. I always wanted this kind of laptop, but I don’t have the money for it.

  • Hi there,
    I need alienware m17x because in the future im planning to make videos on utube that require higher technology like this laptop has. Hopefully i can win it can and help alienware become more popular.
    thank you!

  • I love alienware pc´s (no homo), i love the designs and tutorials posted here, and thats why i should get the M17x, i always wanted one, but i never had enough money :/

    Morten Weiss Feb 27, 2013 , 6:07 pm
  • I should have the Alienware M17x, because of,
    All my friends have a very good pc, and i love it to play on them. But i dont have a so good pc.
    So i cant play all the new games, on a good graphics, but my friends can.
    I would enjoy it, getting the Alienware M17x, so i can play the new games, on a great graphics, and beat my friends.

  • I need something like this to learn level designs and games :) i hope i win. And yeah playing games will be nice too.

  • Well, i really like to play games, but my PC is kinda old, and I can’t afford such a beast. So i will be very glad if i had such an amazing laptop. Thanks in advance, guys :)

    Liubomir Vasilev Feb 28, 2013 , 9:44 pm
  • Well i would like to win this for my big brother :)


  • Regards dudes,very generous of u to giveaway this M17x. Its no doubt a beast and is exactly meant for gaming freaks like me.Like other people have a scheduled routine for work,I routinely play and m very strict at that.Not even a million words can describe how a exceptional game freak I am.But just to prove a point,while others see porn and masturbate,I gladly choose real live game divas to do that

    Soumyadip Chakraborty Mar 01, 2013 , 11:52 am
  • I want to win because I want to use it to play games all day, and to learn to be programmers

  • I want to win because I want to use it to play games all day but my parents dont have enough money to buy Alienware, and I also want to be a programmers

  • Oh guys ur so good. Well as you see in my comment i need this laptop to stay connected to my friends and family back in my country with skype. And i need this for my studies because my toshiba cheap laptop cant do the work and its batteries are no longer working lasted me 2 months…. So yeah i need this i want this and i love it

    Stephen dyoco Mar 02, 2013 , 9:17 am
  • I’ve been using a wind u210 netbook and really need a proper gaming machine but I can’t really afford one :( This would fix all of my problems!!

  • It is really generous of you guys to give this beast away. I really want to win this laptop to see the real performance of gaming, I never had a computer which could actually play good graphic games, right now I have a computer which still sucks, I paid $50 for the video card and it works fine, but can’t play good games like bf3, batman, etc. Also, when I win the laptop I will be selling my computer(the one using now) and donate the money to children’s hospital, to you guys, and other stuff. I still know that my computer right now is not worth as much, but it can still help others, (the total will be maybe I donno $200 max). Thank you guys for giving a laptop away.

  • I would really like to win this laptop because i cannot afford for a laptop like this. The income in my home is low. Im living in a poor country and i probably will never have a laptop like this. I would like to impress my friends and play with them some new games, not only cs 1.6 and those old games. Next year im going to study something about IT and it would be a big advantage having a laptop like this. I could finally render some videos which is not possible at the moment ( because of low spec ).
    Best luck for everyone and thank you guys again for this opportunity.

  • I’ve been dreaming this for a long time now, and i think this is my opportunity to have a top of the line gaming laptop, since i can not afford this kind of gadget. Can’t wait to get my hands to this beast…… More power!!!

    Dmhon del Rosario Mar 02, 2013 , 8:18 pm
  • Yo no se demasiado ingles por eso escribo en español, lo siento
    Yo vi a un amigo que su laptop llevaba themas y me gusto, asi que empece a buscar pagina donde habia themas pero no me gustaban hasta que llegue aqui, esta muy buena esta pagina, despues vi que hay laptops tan hermosos como el Alienware que me gusta demasiado, yo soy un chico que juega demasiado en su laptop, pero no es muy potente porque siempre se me cierran los juegos en 1 hora pero con la laptop Alienware me dejaria disfrutar mas de los juegos asi como adorar lo hermoso que es, yo no tengo dinero para comprarme una laptop nueva, por eso me gustaria ganar, seria una gran alegria para mi llevarme esta grandiosa laptop
    Muchas gracias por permitirme participar y darme la oportunidad de ganar

    Alex Chavez Montoya Mar 02, 2013 , 10:30 pm
  • I would absolutely love to have one of these! I’ve recently started playing Path of Exile, League of Legends and am anxiously awaiting the new simcity. having a computer like this would be awesome and really up my game experience. Plus the mobility of a laptop means I can take it to class and take notes (or mess around) if I wanted!

    Pick me!! :)

    kyle mclaughlin Mar 03, 2013 , 1:12 am
  • I would like a gaming laptop not just for gaming but for building a relationship with my brother who I ignore in the house. I would love to have something where I won’t lag and play with him and maybe build a relationship through gaming, sounds funny but I just think it might work. This can help with school due to the fact of me being in school still, but my main purpose for this laptop is to use it to build a relationship with my brother.

  • wish i can win this laptop because my mum keeps nagging at me about my schoolwork and i cant do it cause our computer is soooooooooo slow. good luck to everyone

    When do you guys pick the winner and is it random?

  • i really need it, I can not play dota 2 with old computer. please

  • I would love to win this awesome piece of technology, because it’d help me with really everything and I there’s pride in owning something like that.

    It goes all around the clock, for video editing, all sorts of stuff and that could come in handy to me.

  • Well I have this old laptop that i have been using for a while. I made a channel where I upload minecraft gameplay but when i try to play or record minecraft it would lag and only give me 14 fps. I looked at getting a pc but all seems to be out of my price range. If i could win this it would be a amazing. hope to get in contact with you.

    Jordan Stracener Mar 03, 2013 , 6:04 pm
  • I would love to be the winner because I’ve had my Desktop since 6th grade and it’s crashing constantly. I can’t afford to get it fixed for the second time and with College coming up (I’m a senior in high school) I have to start saving up. I fell in love with Alienware a while back when my friends were suggesting new alternatives for a new computer. I can’t afford it so if i win it’ll be a total miracle, whoever wins will be the luckiest gamer ever! If i win though my guy friends will be so jealous because I’ll be the first girl they’ll see with Alienware, yeahh!!! ^-^!! Anyway Thank you guys for giving everyone this great opportunity!!! You guys are heroes!

    Alejandra Lopez Mar 03, 2013 , 8:19 pm
  • Hay guys :)
    I think you should pick me as the winner because my old pc just broke…I needed it for my work (school work, a bit of photoshop). I would really like to win :)

  • Dear gods of all epicness
    I have reacenty been fired from my job (DO NOT IGNORE THIS THINKING I’M LOOKING FOR A JOB)
    because I have been slacking off and just trying to be smart to my department manager, so I was thinking that I could start my own business but since my computer is like watching paint dry (meaning it takes a millennium to start up) i have to keep going to the internet café which is 3 miles. So it would mean ALOT for me to get this laptop. ( and to play Planetside 2 on it :P)… Thanks guys andgod luck to the other people who are reading this!

  • I deserve to win because I’ve never won anything even remotely close to something as impressive as this laptop is. A concert ticket was the best so far and that was for a band I hate…the irony.

    I’m not a lucky person at all (last year I got robbed of my watch, smartphone and wallet for an example) and I hope you guys will change that for me. Financially speaking, I think I would be able to buy the charger for this, just to give you an ideea of how much money I currently have.
    Now to serious matters I’m an engineering student and a laptop like this seems to become a must have for me.

    Anyway, congratulations for this terrific idea and allowing me to dream at least of having a high-end system like this with such a remarcable and unique design.

    George-Sorin Dumitru Mar 03, 2013 , 9:25 pm
  • Could really use a new laptop since my old one just died this week and as an engineering student it is really essential for my school work.

  • I think i deserve this laptop cause ever since ive never owned any gadgets like that :))

  • I think Alienware is simply AWESOME and it would really be nice if I had this laptop.. :)

  • Pick me because im broke, had to sell my last crappy laptop to pay bills, I miss playing WoW and training for future organ hunting cybe enhanced cyber octopi invasions, twinkies are history so I need some good news and the best reason of all……..hold up let me read and jack someone else’s idea!

    divineshadow Mar 04, 2013 , 5:31 am
  • nice and gorgeous laptop and excellent for gaming!!!..

    well,actually not for for my younger brother,hes not good in computer but likes computer games very much like the GTA 4 and Black Ops 2,he plays them evry day wen i go home,he does have a laptop but not like mine, with a high spec…well Goodluck for evryone then…

    Mark vaeyou Pangilinan Mar 04, 2013 , 1:17 pm
  • I Would really love to win a laptop like that.It is way to suprising that you are giving away a beast like that.I cant afford a laptop like that it would me a miracle if i win it,Well i can even a Xbox or PS3.I love gaming,i would not use it only for gaming,i also thinking to start programming if i win this laptop.Anyways Thank you guys for giving everyone this great opportunity !!!

  • Wow, that is one fine looking laptop ^^ Well im a student without too much money; used to have a semi-gaming desktop but there was a slight incident involving a cat and a cup of tea… so lightly behind in the gaming scene :/ Anyways loving the giveaway, its bound to make someones day !

  •  think i should win because, i would really like to expand myself on youtube. I believe in order to do that i would need either an HD PVR or a gaming PC and i really am not that much of a console gamer. Another thing is that a lot of my friends are migrating towards the PC and away from their consoles. They all have good PC’s and are playing games which i cannot play, and i feel a bit left out in this.I have also lost my job recently and ran into depression. I feel as this would be something to cheer me up. Thank You.

    John-Mark Strickland Mar 04, 2013 , 10:04 pm
  • I think I should win because I really want to make a carrier in the Game Streaming society, as it is not possible at the moment with my current setup. I can’t afford to buy a new one right now, and I’m more than willing to give it away for charity when it is not needed anymore.

  • I pray to you gods of all technology and epicness
    For my desktop computer is now ‘disharmonised’ , and unfortunately my parents
    Don’t have the TIME to save up for a new one
    Thy I have spared my TIME to enter thousands of competitions
    To win an Alienware Laptop
    And so you could be the on to make the difference
    You could be the one who will save my TIME from the other competitions
    You could be the ones to be the TRUE gods of technology and epicness

  • I would really really like to win this! i need a laptop because i can’t afford to buy one and it’s really needed to work at my university, i’m studying graphic design and sometimes we have to use a laptop in class and show to the teacher the progress we have made with the homework and things like that. Thanks for doing this!

    Tatiana Muñoz Mar 05, 2013 , 11:29 pm
  • I think I should win due to the fact that I have always needed a laptop and it would be amazing to win a free Alienware laptop.

    I am a student and can’t afford anything like this but it would be a dream to win a laptop from Alienware for free.

    I’ve never really had a gaming console, yet alone a gaming PC in my life, and having an Alienware laptop would just make my day.

  • I would really love to own an Alienware laptop because I never had a gaming computer before in my life. All I played was simple flash games, or basic graphic games such as Runescape or Minecraft. I haven’t had the chance to run and play smooth games on a computer such as COD or Battlefield or WoW. I want to have the chance to experience what real gaming feels like. I’m always jealous of seeing other with gaming laptops, running smooth and great graphics, playing LoL without graphic lags, perfect fps, and all the good stuff. Please Alienware, I really want to win this.

  • I would like to get this laptop because I enjoy playing video games and I would love to be able to play games everywhere. It will also help me with school and team projects and it will help me to study around the clock, not only at home. This laptop offers me great reliability to performance and is all I need to make my everyday life even better, and lets not forget the stylish Alienware looks.

  • Well … I tell you…Alienware is an UFO :D……hope that I won’t get in area 51 with it :)).
    Thank you for reading my comment , and I tell you that I’m the CHOSEN ONE :))

  • Hi! I would love to win this laptop for several reasons. Although we have four computers total in my family, mine is complete crap and took several minutes to load this page(and I can’t afford anything better right now). And since I want to study computer linguistics, programming and/or webdesign in university it would be good to have a decent computer. There are also some awesome games that I would like to play like Brutal Legend and Serious Sam. Lastly, I travel a lot and during those trips I wish to have a portable computer to do something interesting other than reading… You know – something to share with friends like a movie or a game…

    Yana Mishkova Mar 07, 2013 , 8:13 pm
  • I would really appreciate it if I won this laptop. I have always wanted a gaming laptop, or computer so I could play with my friends. Thank you for your consideration.

    Fox Vilhauer Mar 07, 2013 , 8:24 pm
  • The laptop itself is amazing. It comes prepared for everything. Gaming, office work, film making, anything, Just name it! It’s design is quite unique, it is actually why it has such a price. Equipped with one of the greatest characteristics for a laptop, it provides for those who need. It is the greatest combo between positivity and quality. This laptop can provide anyone with anything at anytime. It’s battery lasts a long time and power outages do not scare the owner.
    I wish to have this laptop for personal use. Not only is it practical but it has a very nice design. Not to mention the fact that you can change the color of your keyboard depending on different events! The m17 is a class higher than the m14, and a class lower than the m18, but it provides the best of both. Not big size, but enough. Great power for gaming and for desktop usage. It’s cooling system won’t let you down, neither will any of it’s other parts!

    Vader Anaking Mar 07, 2013 , 9:27 pm
  • I think I should win this because I always wanted the best laptop in the world- which is what is being give-away. If i win this, this would be a dream come true. I truly hope that my name gets pick as I think night and day of this Laptop. Everyone who knows me, knows i”ll try to do anything just to get my hands on one of these. This exuberant laptop creates the real life feeling in the games played on it. This laptop is like no other, And i DESPERATELY hopes that I win (:

    NB: Thanks for the opportunity to showcase my gratitude for the giveaway of this beautiful GAMING laptop

    Auzel Roberts Mar 08, 2013 , 1:33 am
  • I am a student and quite a computer enthusiast and a gamer who is currently saving up for two major reasons; one is a gaming pc which i am not close to yet and two is expensive software for school. I come from a middle class family who is having financial problems and therefor I can’t get expensive stuff like this. My family has pc that is slow and that means that I can’t do alot of things on it such as gaming or else it will cause the computer to be slow and it won’t run the games fast. In fact it would be most likely my only chance I will ever have to achieve something as great as this.

    Preecha Eamsaart Mar 08, 2013 , 2:00 am
  • Because, besides I love gaming, I have a real need for a proper laptop.

    I’m a finnish student and going to university next fall. The reason I would need a better laptop is that I work as a part time DJ in the side of my studies. My old laptop has started to crash more and more often even during gigs. I don’t really have any extra money since I’m a student without a full paid job. My laptop and DJ controller have been my most loved possessions, but i can’t go on gigs knowing that sooner or later my laptop fails and the crowd won’t be exactly happy. So help would be much appreciated.

    Mikko Pesonen Mar 08, 2013 , 8:54 am
  • Hi there i am a professional gamer. Right now i have a laptop which does’nt supports the game i play in high definition. All of the games are lagging. Gaming is my profession and i earn through gaming to pay my study fee. I am an engineering student of 2nd year. So the thing is i want to make further progress in gaming my silly laptop doesnt allow me to run heavy games and also i can’t afford gaming laptops or pc’s as they are really expensive so i am in real need of alienware so that i may be able to complete my urge for gaming and pay my study fee easily. Thanks!!

  • I’ve been playing games on a 4 year old laptop and with the newest system demands for games, I sometimes even struggle at low detail level.
    Playing World of Tanks with 4fps is not fun anymore for instance. A new laptop like this would give me back the pleasure in gaming and the edge of fast movement and shooting!

  • The reason why i need a gaming laptop is: Im a student and I don’t have enough money to buy a computer, that is able to play battlefield 3 or any games like that. Now i only have a laptop that’s like 3 years old and it doesn’t support any high definition gaming and i have to play with worst graphics quality and it still lags. I also like to travel and bring my computer with me and if i got a gaming laptop, it would be amazing… Battlefield 3 or any game in train or anywhere :D. So help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

  • I would love to win this AMAZING ALIENWARE LAPTOP! I play lots of online games and having the ability to bust out my sick gaming laptop ANYWHERE is a gamer’s dream come true.

  • I want to win this laptop so that I can I give it to my brother, he bought me a laptop, because I needed one for university. Now, it’s my time to give him a laptop, he loves games and is also really good with computers. Hope I can give it to him so that he can be happy. Also, he is younger than me :). That’s why I want to win.

  • I would LOVE to win such an awesome piece of technology. It is my dream, my wish, my everything !!!1111oneoneoneoenoee

  • I hope i win, i use a Toshiba Satellite that i got for christmas 2008 and its falling apart. Its slow and the inside is dusty, the battery is shot so whenever i unplug my power cord it shuts off completely so i can’t carry it from room to room. I only have 8gb left of my 160GB HDD and i use all my storage to produce my music, edit my graphics, and do my other work. If i open more then 3-4 programs my computer starts to lag so this alienware would be a great upgrade so i can retire this computer.

    Dante Howell Mar 11, 2013 , 6:10 pm
  • I would love to win because i could give it to my husband and he would think i was awesome!
    I follow on youtube as Carolyn Barnett and tweeted and follow on twitter as @CarolynRBarnett and here is link to tweet.

    Carolyn Barnett Mar 12, 2013 , 2:56 am
  • Hi I am asking for a huge favor, I really want an Alienware M17x for this rescent giveaway and I am a student and quite a computer enthusiast and a gamer who is currently saving up for two major reasons; one is a gaming pc which i am not close to yet and two is expensive software for school. I come from a middle class family who is having financial problems and therefor I can’t get expensive stuff like this. My family has pc that is slow and that means that I can’t do alot of things on it such as gaming or else it will cause the computer to be slow and it won’t run the games fast. In fact it would be most likely my only chance I will ever have to achieve something as great as this.

    Preecha Eamsaart Mar 18, 2013 , 8:57 pm
  • Hello, the reason i would like to win this is because my current laptop is the worst thing ever it gets 5 FPS on Minecraft :(, i would love to start make better YouTube videos and i have been recently creating free YouTube banners for people and the ability to 3D render would be so epic, this would be perfect for me, i doubt i will win but please consider me as an investment as i can also make you GFX and sponsor you in future videos, also college work would be easier as i do IT, Plus i do have dota 2 but it does not even work on my current laptop

    Billy Hughesdon Mar 25, 2013 , 2:01 pm
  • I’d like to win because I currently own a dino and I would like to keep up with the times.


    Patrick Robertson Mar 30, 2013 , 11:16 pm
  • I hope I win this month.

    Nick Fernando Apr 01, 2013 , 11:24 am
  • I want it 😀

  • So awesome that you can even win this thing. I wish everyone good luck! I hope I win it but the chances are quite small. Either way I’m saving up to buy one to replace my 5 year old laptop. It can barely even run minecraft so I borrow my dad’s PC. XD
    I wish that someone gets it who really needs it.

  • I want to win because I don’t any laptop. I usually online on cybercafé. It cost me a lot.

    Nick Fernando Apr 06, 2013 , 5:49 am
  • I am sharing and tweeting!

    Carolyn Barnett Apr 18, 2013 , 10:02 pm
  • Amazing i wanna have one i cant afford to buy :(

  • Everyone else has commented that they want to gift it to someone else or don’t have any laptop but i think it should be given to the one who deserves it,After all it is a beast of a machine!!! It has a great design and build quality.It gives stellar gaming performance which no other could match plus it has a very effective cooling system.It also has a aluminum chassis and a customizable lighting system and no visible screws on it!!!
    It is one of the fastest gaming notebook in the market right now! Only wish i could afford it :/ :(

    ameya apotikar Jun 09, 2013 , 7:58 pm
  • Hey Guys, I’m Julian from France, I just saw your news. I’m an IT student, I’m looking for a powerfull machine to work on my studies (and graphic analysis), and of course to play awesome games too. My laptop broke some weeks ago so this news interested me ^^. Have a good day everyone.

  • good luck to people on the draw for this! although hope I win this amazing laptop prize 😀

  • Is this still going on???

    If so.. I really want a better computer LOL!

  • I would like to get it because I allready earn money with youtube but not to much and this can help me to earn more

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